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Property Management

For over a decade, the principals of Anton Asset Management (Anton) have been regarded as leading property management specialists. We specialize in the management of leased residential and commercial properties, including: Apartments, Office/Warehouse, Single Family Houses, Bank Owned Properties (REOs), and Vacation and Resort Properties. Our services include, Property Management, Sales and Disposition, Maintenance, Design and Construction Management.

Anton’s principals have had an impressive management history of portfolios in some of the country’s premiere Real Estate locations. We focus on Property Management of assets primarily in Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina and Florida.

Anton Asset Management understands the needs of today’s investor. We strive to increase the asset value through quality Property Management. Quality Property Management is driven through the increase in Net Operating Income(NOI). Increasing NOI is a skill that enhances the properties value even in tough economic times. Enhancing property value that is desperately needed in Real Estate today.

Anton Asset Management understands the needs of today’s tenant. As occupancy levels have increased over the years, tenants look for quality housing at an affordable price. We create a win-win situation between the three-way partnerships among the Owner, Management and Tenant. On our commercial side, we know our owners want a comfortable environment in order to run their business smoothly and ultimately profit from their efforts.

Anton Asset Management is known for quality service. Just like our sister company Anton Agency; our use of technology and exceptional service make us highly regarded by property owners, financial institutions and tenants. Our friendly, innovative, and exceptional service sets us apart from other property management companies. They cannot meet our extensive resources and long-standing relationships with the community.